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06 May 2007
With our full first day in Sydney, we decided to take the advice of El, a coworker of mine in Colorado. She used to live in Sydney and said that we must take the Manly ferry up to Manly, a small city about 30 minutes to the NE. We're glad that she told us that because it was a very scenic ride to and from Manly.

sydney harbour bridge and opera house in australia

There were a bunch of little shops where we picked up some souvenirs and picked up some amazing lunch. On our way back we gazed back at the Syndey Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. When our ferry docked, we got off and gazed at the Opera House and then decided to take a tour. Cameras are not allowed inside, so to see the beauty of the inside, you have to actually go there and check it out. As we made our way to the end of the tour where the main concert hall was, we were more than lucky. The Sydney Symphony Orchestra was practicing and allowed our tour to come in (very rare). With this, we were able to fully appreciate all of the sounds, and hear one of the best orchestras in the region practicing.

sydney opera house