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Coming down to the wire

01 January 2011
At the very, very least I try to put up a new blog post at least once a month. Since my last one was on Nov. 2nd and it's the 31st of December, this is about as far apart as you can get them.

Hopefully the wait was worth it for everyone as all of the regulars will tell the layout is completely different. Welcome to version 7.0. I think I have a few small little kinks to work out, but everything should be firing like normal, just with a new design behind it.

The largest overhaul was the photos page as I'm using some new code to stretch the images and dump them full screen in the background. In the future, whenever I have some time to upload new galleries, everything should look much sharper since I'll upload higher resolution images from here on out.

The only other reason I was holding out was because this is the 500th post, and I wanted to save it for something bigger.

Let me know what you think.