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Building a Shed

03 December 2022
DIY Lean-to Style Shed
Four years ago we started to notice a small hole in the roof of the shed. Christi said we should buy a new one. I told her I could just build one ... it took this long to gather the courage, but I did it.

I've always been a DIY person around the house. I love to tile. I love to run network cables. I love to wire electricity. However, the one thing I've never done is built a structure.

When we replaced our fence four years ago, Christi said there would be no better time to have a new shed delivered to the backyard. At that time, I talked a big game that I could build a better one for at least half the price. It took four years. Four years of Christi threatening me that she was going to start contacting places to get quotes for a new one. This is when I took to YouTube.

YouTube can give anyone the courage to do anything. I found some pretty amazing and helpful tips for shed building. I really wanted a lean-to style because it's much more my style ... and I felt that the roof would be easier than a gable for my first time. Once I had the rough idea figured out, I started sketching out designs to make it my own. The next part was ordering all of the supplies.

I found that both Home Depot and Lowes would ship as much building material as you want for a flat $79 fee. For anyone thinking about doing this themselves, you should really look into this option. While you don't get to pick out all of the best 2x4s, it saved me so much time and effort.

After that, it was pretty straightforward. Demo the old shed. Clear the area. Level a new base. Put up walls. Add siding. Toss on a roof. Throw some paint and trim on and then call it a day.