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The almighty dollar (bet)

11 January 2008
almighty dollar

A one dollar bet doesn't seem like it's high stakes, but to Ben and I, there's more than the money to be won during our bets. I'm not sure if we ripped off the idea from Trading Places, or if we're just that cheap, but over the past four years or so, the dollar has been the only wager.

Ben has been pretty high on how good Maric is, and I think he's pretty bad, so we decided to throw a few quarters down on how good he really is. The bet will be if Maric gets picked up by a team in the '08 NBA draft. Initially it was if he would go first round, but I believe if a GM picks him up at any time, he won't have his job the next day.

My thought is that Maric will spend his days playing in Europe with Cookie Belcher and Jason Dourisseau. So, the Big XII season is upon us and a dollar wager is on the table. Maybe we should have bet on who scores more: KU football or KU basketball ...