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Ten Year Trip for Henry

07 August 2023

When I first started at ESPN there was a colleague who planned a trip for each of his seven kids when they turned ten years old. The trip would be one-on-one time with just one parent and would be tailored to the interest ...

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Building a Shed

03 December 2022

Four years ago we started to notice a small hole in the roof of the shed. Christi said we should buy a new one. I told her I could just build one ... it took this long to gather the courage, but I did it. I've always been a ...

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Bar Harbor Half Marathon

16 October 2022

At this stage of my life, the only answer I can give to people when they ask why I continue to train/run half marathons, it's basically because it's the only race where I can still finish ahead of Henry ... just because he's ...

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Henry's first MLB baseball games

18 August 2022

Up until the Braves won the World Series last year, Henry didn't show that much interest in baseball. Because of that magical run, he is all in now and we visited a couple of parks this fall. His first game ever was a good ...

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