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NE Grown.  CO Cold Zone.  CT Home.

Occasional homebrewer.  ESPN regular.

Father of two.  Husband of one.  Master of none.

Hello, I'm Brian Helge ... hopefully you got that from the URL. I use this site as a testing bed for different technology development as well as a way to showcase some of the work I've done while also letting people know what's going on in my life. With this latest rev I've made the site responsive, added type-ahead search functionality, threw in some parallax scrolling on blogs and updated the logo to go along with completely rewritting every line of code to make it faster.

For the good part of a decade I've been working at ESPN leading a front-end engineering team touching every corner of ESPN.com. My team focuses on building the live and automated products: Gamecast, scoreboards, ESPN app game webviews, stats, standings, schedules, etc. Basically anything that deals with a player or game my team touches. To learn more about my work history, check out my LinkedIn profile.

When I'm not working I like to homebrew, cook (but not bake), tinker with this site, travel with the wife and hang out with my kids. I'm sure your family is cool too, but mine is awesome and they mean the world to me. Get in touch if you have questions about anything or just want to connect.