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Usain Bolt comes to ESPN

29 September 2009
usain bolt

Usain Bolt came to campus the other day to surprise us all by racing against a select few random* employees for a SportsCenter promo. Bolt seemed like a great guy and even stuck around afterwards to take some pictures with some of the few hundred that gathered out on Birch street. Even though it wasn't an official race, it was still pretty cool to say I was up close and personal with the world's fastest man. It was the second closest that I've ever come to an Olympic Gold medalist.

For the ladies reading out there, yes, that's Bolt's six-pack that you can clearly see as he was jogging down the street. This picture was taken with my cell phone. Just think of what a regular digital camera would have shown ...

*I say "random" because over the weekend an email was sent out where you could respond to get yourself in the Bolt lottery. They did pick random people, and our own Keith Lam was selected, but when he showed up to race, they eliminated half the field due to the width of the road and he was unfortunately cut.