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My first 911 call

14 November 2009
connecticut highway 372 accident

I made my first 911 call yesterday. Thankfully it wasn't for myself or Christi.

We were on our way to see "2012." After seeing the movie, we realized if we had been involved in the crash, we really wouldn't have missed that much. Anyways, we were on the I-84 and took our exit to the theater. It's a pretty tight curve and we always joke about the exit since we once saw a woman driving in front of us with half of her car hanging on the ground. Light rain started falling about thirty minutes earlier, and when they tell you in diver's ed that's the worst time to be driving, they just received another accident to validate their case.

The red car in front of us just started on the turn and began to spin out. The lady tried to correct herself, hit the guard rail and spun out. I hit the brakes pretty hard to avoid crashing as I swerved to her left to get around her. At this time, the person behind me was following us way too close and swerved and hit the guard rail behind us. We pulled over, and the car behind us just drove away.

After putting the hazards on, I called 911 to report everything and it took me forever to convince the operator what exit we took. It was like she thought I was lying to her for some reason. After she believed me realized where I was at, I hung up and Christi and I wanted to make sure the woman in the red car didn't have any injuries. Christi was a little bit ahead of me and started walking towards her. At this point, a transport truck came barreling around the corner and had to throw on the breaks to avoid any other accidents (irony: always there for a good laugh after the fact). It all happened so quickly, but when he hit the breaks, he spun his truck sideways and wedged himself between the two walls. My initial reaction was it looked like the scene from Terminator 2 where the semi truck spins out of control.

So the picture above is if you would be going the wrong way down the exit. It's taken from the point of view of us walking back towards the accident. We waited ten minutes for the officer to show up and since no one hit anyone else, he said we were free to go and we just barely made the opening time for the movie. But as I mentioned above, it would have been a lot more interesting to see how they un-wedged the truck and got traffic flowing once again than sitting through two hours of that blockbuster. And it wouldn't have cost us twenty bucks.