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Tornadoes in Connecticut?

22 July 2010
tornado near ESPN

Sometimes I forget that I'm surrounded by people who have spent their entire life living in the Northeast. This reminder came loud and clear yesterday when there was an announcement at work stating that there was a tornado warning in the area and to stay away from all exterior windows. As we've all learned at a young age, when someone tells you not to do something, you instantly want to do it ... so everyone ran to the window.

To me, it was hilarious as everyone was pulling out their phones to take pictures and even video of the "tornado" that was outside. Not to spoil everyone's fun, but there definitely was no tornado here yesterday. High winds + heavy rain != tornado.

Growing up in Nebraska and seeing them regularly every summer, and even having your best friend pick you up in his car so you can go storm chasing, it was actually funny to see people go so crazy about trying to see a tornado.