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Lil' Red on the way

30 July 2012
husker onesies: the first thing our child will wear
If you haven't heard by now, I guess I'll let the 20 people who read my blog know: Christi is pregnant.

We're pretty damn excited, and somewhat nervous that we haven't been more worried up to this point. You'd think with this being our first kid that we would absolutely be freaking out, but we've actually done a pretty good job keeping all of our emotions in check.

For those wondering: Christi is doing fine (albeit a little morning sickness over the past few weeks), we're going to find out the sex early and we're due January 30th ... just like our kid to screw us out of 11 months of tax breaks!

Not sure how much I'll post about the kid over the next six months, but I might open up a new page on my site dedicated to the lil' guy or girl that we'll be introducing to the world. Thanks to Scott and Anne for the sweet Husker onesies in the picture above. Somehow, being out of state, I have a feeling these might not be the only Husker paraphernalia that we're going to accumulate over the next half year ...