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Traveling back for the Texas game

19 October 2010
beat texas balloon

Wear Red: Check.

Be Loud: Check.

Beat Texas: Ugh ...

I'm thinking about putting a self imposed halt to my streak of seeing a Husker game every year. The last two, Va Tech and Texas, were both heart breakers in their own sense.

I had an absolute blast back home, I just wish the game could have been a little better. Generous amounts of Boulevard and Lazlo's fries were the perfect remedy to mend my emotions after the game.

The Wife™ and I are heading back for Thanksgiving, so maybe we'll give the Huskers another shot when they take on Colorado. However, if I go 0-3 at Husker games since moving out to Connecticut, I'm going to really start considering canceling the Penn State road trip that I'm planning with a few friends out here.