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Henry, welcome to kindergarten

30 August 2018
first day of school picture
I can't believe that today was your first day of kindergarten. Sometimes it's just hard to believe how fast you've got to the point where you are right now. I'm not sure if it's because you did k-prep at your school last year or if it's just the person you are, but I know you're ready for this.

You never once have had that uneasy anticipation of heading into something new. You always know the obstacles in front of you and keep your chin up when you tackle them. I know this year will be more of the same. You're an extremely bright kid, and I feel like I try to say that with as little bias as possible.

Last year you walked into that school without knowing any of the other fifteen kids in your class and you came out being great friends with all of them. It will be fun watching you hold onto half of those kids who are in your class this year while making many new friends along the way. Your mother and I just ask that you try to pick out the one's whose parents are the fun ones to hang out with when we get together outside of school!

In a good way, I feel like this new journey that you're about to go on, we're going to lose a little piece of you that you'll pass on to the new friendships you'll make for the years to come. You always tell us that you want to be a teacher when you're older (and for Halloween every year). You love school and everything about it. It's a time of your life where you figure yourself out and learn so much more about what you really want to be and who you are. Your mom and I couldn't be more proud of the little man you've become and then one you're going to turn into during this next year.

As mentioned above, I love that you won't look over your shoulder as you walk into school. Take each day on in your own way. Keep being amazing and soak up everything put in front of you. Take care of your friends and keep making new ones. Never let your innocence leave you. It will only help you grow into the person you're meant to be.

Love you kiddo.