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Natalie, welcome to kindergarten

09 September 2020
Nats first day of kindergarten
Nats, here we are ... time for kindergarten! My little girl is already so grown up and ready for bigger and better things.

This school year will be one that you will never forget. I'm glad you were at the school last year for pre-k, even though that got cut short, to reduce one less thing as you're making the transition back. When you look back at your life you'll realize how impactful and historical this year will be.

The best part is that I know you're ready for this. Not just the aspect of being safe by distancing and wearing your mask in school, I mean that you're ready for the next stage of your life. You're ready to grow, you're ready to learn to read and most importantly you're ready to show everyone who you truly are.

Sure, I'm biased, but you have one of the kindest souls I have ever met in my life. You melt my heart on a daily basis on how you care for others as you truly understand empathy and taking care of others around you. This is one of your strongest traits and I can't wait for you to show that to others and have your kind spirit rub off on everyone that you touch ... but not literally, remember to socially distance!

Changes will be happening on a daily basis and I know that you'll be able to adjust at every step. Meet some new friends and make sure to foster the relationships you have already made with everyone else. I want you to know how proud I am of you and can't wait to see everything you're able to accomplish this year.

Love you sweetie!