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My marriage lasted longer than my ring

15 June 2020
broke my tungsten carbide wedding ring
I almost lost it a week into wearing it while swimming in the Great Barrier Reef. I was 99% sure I lost it trying to paddle board with Erica and Tucker at Lake Tahoe. Then I actually broke it, instead of losing it, in the most boring way ever.

After the first week wearing my ring during the honeymoon, I quickly realized when in the water my ring slipped off way too easily. Even in the shower. Over the past thirteen years I've been very careful to make sure I don't wear it playing sports, swimming, showering, etc.

95% of the time I shower I put my ring on this elephant ring holder that Christi uses. In the off chances that I forget, I put it on the window sill in the bathroom. After putting the ring on the window sill and finishing up in the shower, I grabbed for it, barely made contact and it fell to it's demise ... the tile floor.

After telling some people at work, I had someone tell me, "You should get a tungsten carbide ring when you replace it, they told me they will need to saw mine off my finger if I get in an accident with it on." I just replied with, "That's exactly what my ring was made from. If you get in that serious accident, just have them smash your hand on some porcelian."

I'm still debating if I just call Nebraska Diamond to see if they have me on file from 2006 or if I don a mask and go pick a new one as my tastes have hopefully changed since then and this would give me a fresh start. Or I just go full bachelor style and live without it ... but it does feel very strange every day not having it on my finger.