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Lunch with Bob Ley and Jeremey Schaap

07 August 2017
lunch with bob ley and jeremy schaap
A couple of months ago a few of us entered our names in a raffle at work for a chance to have lunch with Bob Ley and Jeremy Schaap to help celebrate the relaunch of OTL and E:60. Fortunately for me I was the one who had their name picked ... unfortunately for Bob and Jeremy they had to deal with me for an hour.

Because of their crazy work schedule and travel plans, and somehow some of my own recently, a couple months after being notified that I was the raffle winner the three of us found time to sit down and have lunch together. Honestly going into it, I had no clue what we would talk about or how we'd fill and hour of conversation, but the time absolutely flew by.

Both Bob and Jeremy were absolutely amazing and entertaining. We filled most of the time having them answer a few questions I had and then hearing their tales about some of the amazing stories they've worked on as well as they're favorite places to visit. From 9/11 to Russian oligarchs to security when visiting hostile territory for journalists they both opened up and really gave me a glimpse of how they've handled things in the past as well as what it's like off air for the two of them.

It was great to have a conversation with both of them and have them give me some behind-the-scenes stories over their lengthy career here.