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Becoming a smoker

31 December 2019
smoking a turkey on a traeger
I gave up homebrewing. Yeah, I know, right? I love beer. I love my home. I love brewing. I love homebrewing.

Over the past couple of years I found I was brewing every month to every other month to a couple of times a year. This, coupled with the fact that there are so many local craft breweries close (which can obviously make beer 10x better than my best) made me reconsider my time on the weekends ... so much sanitizing/cleaning with homebrewing!

I had an amazing time doing it. One of my most favorite things over the past few years was the DIY Keezer I made. There was also brewing with friends, brewing with more friends and even brewing for Santa. It'll take a really long time to get the image of my backyard homebrew set up out of my head since it was such a fun hobby.

It took a couple of months finding the right buyers, but eventually I sold every piece of equipment that I accumluated over the past few years (it started in 2019) and purchased a Traeger smoker.

So far I couldn't be happier. I've smoked a couple of boston butts, a turkey for Thanksgiving when Heather's family came down and a salmon for a party tonight. Can't wait for it to warm up to start more kinds of meat and really start experimenting.